“Do I need new doors, or would a touch-up be enough?” If you have found yourself wondering how to improve the appearance of the doors at your Rochester, Michigan area home, there are a number of ways to determine your next step.

How to Tell When You Need New Doors

Doors mean so much to your home. From keeping things in to blocking them out, doors are one of the greatest necessities in your home.

As a homeowner, it is of the utmost importance that you recognize the warning signs that you need a new door. An old, worn door leads to massive amounts lost in energy costs and decreases the security of your home.

Following are ways to determine that it’s time to replace your doors.

  • The door looks old and ragged.
  • It is difficult to open, shut, or lock.
  • It creaks.
  • The outside of the door has been damaged due to elements of nature or common wear-and-tear.
  • The frame or door itself shows signs of rotting.
  • Gaps lead air to escape.

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