There are many ways to add your own special touch to your home, and there are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing your window style. You can get creative with frame embellishments, color, and even shape of your windows.

One classic and unique style that is loved by many homeowners is bay windows. With a rich history and elegant character, adding bay windows to your home may be that final touch you have been looking for.

What are Bay Windows?

Bay windows have an iconic shape created through a combination of three windows that join together. This trio extends out from the exterior of the home, providing lots of light and creating a more open feel than traditional windows. Bay windows feature angular lines and often frame a center picture window, giving them their signature look.

They are often featured in transitional and contemporary home styles, but they can also add character and elegance to traditional and Victorian style homes.


Bay windows have an iconic and unique look that has been around for centuries, making them a classic design feature. Bay windows originate from the English Renaissance in the late 15th century through the early 17th century, where they were often placed at the end of a great hall. Bay windows served as an ornamental feature rather than a functional element, and their classy style and fresh look have kept them around for generations.

Style Inspiration

One of the many great things about bay windows is that they can be styled in many different ways in any area of your home.

One popular placement of bay windows is in the kitchen, such as adding a bench to a casual table for stylish seating and additional light. They can be dressed with custom-fit cushions and colorful throw pillows to brighten up your dining space.

Another idea for your bay window is to create a quiet reading nook in your living room or bedroom – adding comfortable blankets for a cozy feel and side a table with a lamp as a place to keep books.

Bay windows can also be utilized as a storage space by creating a chest beneath the window that can add some function to your space.

If a bench seat isn’t your vision, you can also create an open bay window by extending your flooring as well. It could be the perfect spot for a nice chair, bookshelf, or other design element to enhance the character of the home. The possibilities are endless!

Installation and Design

There are many different options for the design of your bay window, including materials and style. Three material choices from Pella include wood, fiberglass, and vinyl, each with their own benefits.

Wood bay windows are good for design flexibility in modern and traditional homes. Fiberglass is a good decision for sleek lines and lasting durability, and vinyl windows are known for being long lasting and low maintenance, as they will never need to be repainted, stained, or refinished.

Bay windows are most often installed during the construction of the home, as they have unique structural needs that are most easily addressed early on. But don’t let this deter you from making the change. Working with the right structural engineer and certified installers can guarantee your home the makeover of your dreams. To learn more about bay window installations, contact us on our website or schedule a consultation.