When it comes to choosing the best windows for your home, it’s not all about looks. As you are researching your options, you will have to decide on the material as well as the appearance. Some of the most common materials for windows are fiberglass and vinyl, both of which are impact-resistant, heat-resistant, and beautiful.

As you are trying to compare vinyl windows vs. fiberglass windows for your Michigan home, you should consider several factors.

There’s more to it than meets the eye.

Basic Facts about Vinyl Windows vs. Fiberglass Windows

Designing strong yet safe windows requires the skillful use of materials in order to achieve superior performance and durability.

Important factors include where the windows are located in the home and therefore how they should be constructed for optimal safety and weather protection.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass is a strong material that is used for a maintenance-free experience with wood interiors. Fiberglass is lightweight and rigid. It is often used for sliding patio doors, casements, and more.

There are several benefits of choosing fiberglass windows vs. vinyl windows.

1. You have more options regarding the appearance. You can get them in any one of thousands of colors.

2. Fiberglass lets in more natural light.

3. It is more versatile.

4. It can be painted or textured to achieve your desired look.

5. Because they let in more light and are better for insulation, fiberglass windows are more energy-efficient and therefore more environmentally friendly than vinyl windows.

6. In many cases, they are made from recycled glass, further benefiting the environment.

7. Fiberglass is more durable, although vinyl is very durable as well.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is often used as a protective coating for wood core windows, creating an ideal combination of weather resistance, strength, and beauty. Vinyl is used in various styles, such as bay windows, awnings, picture windows, and more.

Vinyl windows are typically significantly less expensive than fiberglass windows while offering similar advantages. In fact, vinyl is about 20 percent less expensive than fiberglass.

Along with the cost factor, there are a few additional benefits of vinyl windows.

1. Vinyl windows do not fade in the sunlight, as some fiberglass windows do over time.

2. They are easier to install.

3. They are more readily available.

A  disadvantage of choosing vinyl windows vs. fiberglass windows in Michigan, specifically, is that vinyl is slightly more susceptible to warping in fluctuating temperatures. It can expand and contract 800 times more than fiberglass, possibly leading the seals to break.

This is especially significant for home windows in Michigan, where temperatures can range from below zero to over 100 degrees in any given year.

Weighing Your Options for New Windows in Michigan Homes

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