If you’re a new homeowner or wondering what window treatments are and why you should invest in them, you’re in the right place. They are an interior decoration for a window or a window frame that is essential to add privacy, control lighting, and maintain your desired temperature throughout your home. Window treatments may seem confusing and pricey, so this post may help guide you through the process.

There are different methods when styling window treatments. You can style them as chic, trendy, modern, or contemporary, or you can use them to enhance your space in general. With our help, we hope to make this process easier for you by providing tips and tricks.


The first method to use for window treatment is: Curtains


Curtains are one of the most popular window decorations on the market. They are easy to install by threading them through a curtain rod.  They are lightweight, unlike drapes, making your space feel lighter. Curtains vary in sizes, colors, and patterns, and they are usually the more affordable option of all window treatments. With curtains, you also have the option for full exposure to light by easily tying the curtain together or bunching it up all together behind a curtain holder.

  • Tip 1: Curtains are ideal for kitchen windows and bedrooms. This is due to their easy access to adjust light, temperature, and sizes.
  • Tip 2: When installing a curtain into your house, try to install the curtain rod at least 4 inches higher than the top of your window frame. This will make your window feel taller and offer a visually pleasing aesthetic.


The second method to use for window treatment is: Sheers

Window sheer

When sheers are used, they’re typically layered with curtains or shades and blinds. Sheers are commonly used as accent pieces that add dimension and light to your home. Due to sheers being so dainty and airy, they don’t offer much privacy or block light out of your home.

  • Tip: Sheers are often used in bedrooms or homes with exposure to water as an accent to the backdrop.


The third method to use for window treatment is: Drapes


While drapes may seem similar to curtains, there are differences between the two that are dramatic enough to question which is right for you. Like curtains, drapes are available in different lengths, colors, and patterns, but drapes are made from a heavier fabric that uses a string or rod to easily pull them back or forward.

Drapes are typically more expensive than curtains because they are more durable and timeless. Drapes tend to last longer because they are not tugged on, and they offer another resource to close and open them.

  • Tip: Drapes are more formal than curtains because of their durability and clean finish. Due to their classy, elegant appearance, homeowners showcase them throughout the house. This includes the living room, dining room, bedroom, and office.


The fourth method to use for window treatment is: Shades

Window Shades

A window shade is made precisely to cover the width of your window. After installation, the shade is attached to a frame that allows you to lift the shade up and down. Shades are another popular option when it comes to window treatments. Windows shades are simplistic and work with just about any style and theme.

They come in all colors and patterns, including Roman, bamboo, cellular, pleated, solar, balloon, and motorized shades.

  • Tip: Roman and bamboo style shades typically last the longest and are more affordable.


The fifth method to use for window treatment is: Blinds


Blinds are the most resourceful type of window treatment and can be used practically anywhere throughout your house. They open and close by a string and do a good job blocking out sunlight while not being invasive. Blinds are generally made to be installed on wood, metal, or vinyl.

Blinds vary in style, color, and price. They generally are affordable, but the more durable the blinds are, the more expensive they can be.

  • Tip: Try avoiding blinds if you have animals that can scratch or claw at them. If you damage a single-blind, it may lead to you having to replace the whole set.


The sixth method to use for window treatment is: Shutters

Window Shutters

Shutters are a more classic look that is durable, and they fit inside of the window with hinges that allow you to swing open and close the shutter. These are a great option for a long-term investment, as they are usually a bit more expensive than the window treatments listed above.

  • Tip: Shutters are typically made from wood and come in white and natural wood tones.