Your front door is a big piece of the first impression that your home can have on people. With so many different designs and styles to choose from, picking a unique door style that suits your home can add a lot of character. Trends in design have shifted over the years, with some going in and out of style. Here are 5 trending door styles that are making a comeback in 2022.

1. Double Doors

Double doors have been rapidly increasing in popularity over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. With their simple design and bold appearance, double doors can add a ton of interest to the curb appeal of your house. This design is perfect for large entryways to draw the focus inward from the rest of the space on your patio. Double doors can truly speak for themselves, so keeping simple wooden designs with minimal detail is best.

2. Farmhouse Doors

Easily one of the most popular trends in 2022, farmhouse doors have definitely stepped back into the spotlight. Farmhouse doors are another style that is simple yet unique, featuring lots of straight lines and glass windows. They work especially well with farmhouse style homes, but with lots of different designs and styles to choose from, you can find something truly unique that suits the style of your home.

Red door with large windows

3. Dutch Doors

Another older design that is making a stunning comeback is Dutch doors. Dutch doors have a one-of-a-kind design, opening at both the top and the bottom. Not only are they unique, but they can also be very practical. You can open the top to let in fresh air and light while still leaving the bottom shut for the functionality of a closed door. The design is hundreds of years old and was designed to keep children indoors while allowing for a breeze to pass through the home. Dutch doors can really add a ton of character to your home.

4. Glass Front Doors

Glass front doors are rising in popularity for the amount of light that they let in and for the simple aesthetic they present. You can choose from many different styles of glass and experiment with interesting frames. This simple style is very unique and can create a sleek, modern look for your front patio.

5. Coastal Style Doors

Coastal doors feature tons of windows to allow lots of natural light into your front entryway. You can customize your coastal door by choosing between light and dark styles, as well as different types of glass and detailing. They are most common around the coast, but they have been becoming more and more popular inland as well. Coastal doors tend to work best in coastal themed homes, as they can seem a bit out of place if they don’t match the style of the rest of the house. When done correctly, coastal doors can be very stunning.

Choosing a Unique Door Style for Your Home

With so many ideas to choose from, it can be a fun challenge to decide which style door to bring to your home. When picking out the perfect front door, you should consider how the door will complement the rest of your home. Matching your door with the architectural style of your home can create harmony and balance in your design. You can be creative with factors such as color, materials, details, and texture to achieve a unique door style that is the perfect fit for your home.