You never know what may come knocking at your door – or blowing it down. Even the strongest doors and windows can’t fight the effects of time, human error, or natural disasters forever. Therma-Tru door replacement parts can help you extend the life of your investment, and they’re available for virtually every part of the door and the frame.

Replacement parts for the doors are available through our company. In many cases, you can swap the parts out on your own, but updating the parts typically requires special tools and techniques. For that reason, if you need our assistance, our team can install them to ensure they are as secure and beautiful as possible.

A wide range of replacement parts are available for Therma-Tru doors. The following glossary of terms of some of the main parts of a door may help you identify exactly what you need.

1. Transom

Transoms are the essentially decorative sections of glass above the door. Their main purpose is to create more natural light inside your home and add curb appeal. Installing new transoms is an easy way to update and improve the aesthetics of your home.

2. Plug

Screw plugs hide screws on Therma-Tru glass frames. They are designed for specific door styles.

3. Glass or Glass Frame

Glass on the main part of your door or in the frame can be replaced as well if it gets cracked, shattered, or begins to show signs of age.

4. Sidelites

Sidelites are typically narrow, vertical, mostly decorative windows beside the main door. They can add an elegant aesthetic appeal to the front of your home while enabling more natural light to shine through.

5. Doorframe

Therma-Tru door replacement parts include those for the doorframe, also known as the door jamb. The word “doorframe” typically refers to the vertical legs and horizontal head of the frame, but it may also be used in general to include the sill as well.

6. Door Slab

A door slab is essentially the door itself, without hinges, frames, or knobs. You can purchase entirely new door slabs or replace a door completely as necessary.

A transom and sidelites enhance the curb appeal of this home.
A transom and sidelites enhance the curb appeal of this home.

7. Door Grille

Door grilles are removable pieces of metal or wood that snap on and off the interior of a door. They are similar in appearance to a heating vent and are typically not visible from the outside. They are usually used to facilitate greater air circulation.

8. Astragal

An astragal is molding used to seal the space between double doors for greater air, sound, and moisture resistance. These are commonly seen in commercial or building doors, such as those in a gymnasium or auditorium.

9. Handle & Multi-Point Lock

A wide variety of handles and knobs are available, as well as an enhanced multi-point locking system.

10. Door Sills

Part of the doorframe, a door sill sits under the door jamb at the bottom of the door. It’s commonly referred to as the “threshold,” but the threshold actually sits on top of the sill.

11. Patio Screens

If your door was customized to fit your home, it likely means you will need a specific patio screen/patio screen door as well. However, you may be able to order standard sizes to replace your current screen. Talk with our door installation professionals to determine your best options for patio door screen replacement.

The above are some of the most commonly requested replacement parts for Therma-Tru doors, but there are many other options as well that can secure, enhance, and beautify your front entryway. Additional parts and features include:

  • Hinges and screws/strap hinges
  • Corner seal pads
  • Weatherstripping
  • Rain deflectors and guards
  • Clavos (decorative nails)
  • Dentil shelves


Contact us for additional information about door replacements options or for a quote for a completely new entryway door. While replacing the parts may help your existing door last longer, this may be the perfect opportunity to start fresh with a whole new exterior look at your home.