To explore Andersen window styles for your Macomb County or Oakland County, Michigan, house, visit our showroom in Rochester. This image features a living room in a high-rise with beautiful windows.

Choosing the Best Andersen Window Styles for Southeast Michigan Homes

Southeast Michigan homeowners who have Andersen windows are proud to tell their guests all about it. “Yes! Those are Andersen ...
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This image depicts a beautiful kitchen with an island and sliding patio doors.

How to Choose the Best Sliding Patio Doors for Your Southeast Michigan House

Letting the dog in. Letting the dog out. Stepping out into your backyard for that barbecue. Sitting under the Harvest ...
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There are many benefits of replacing the windows on your home, including saving money on heating and cooling costs.

6 Benefits of Replacing the Windows on Your Home

Your children are drawing their names into the condensation on the windows. The electric blanket constantly on your wife’s lap ...
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Is it time to replace your windows or doors? If so, you are welcome to visit our showroom in Rochester, Michigan, to explore options. We have instituted several safety precautions as a result of the coronavirus pandemic to help ensure our customers and our team stay safe. In this image, a family with two young children is sitting on a couch reading a book while bright, comforting light streams in through the windows.

DeYonker Window & Door Implements Additional Safety Precautions

Take a look at your windows and doors. Are they in decent shape? Are they still doing their job of ...
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A comparison of door styles are shown side by side here. There are many telltale signs that you may need new doors.

Do I Need New Doors?

"Do I need new doors, or would a touch-up be enough?" If you have found yourself wondering how to improve ...
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