Winterizing doors and windows can reduce energy costs and keep you warmer. In this image, a man is caulking a window frame.

Door & Window Winterization Tips That Can Reduce Heating Costs and Keep You Warmer

The howling of the wind. The whistling sounds coming in through the windows. The cold draft sending a chill up ...
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If you are looking for window installation services in Michigan, here are some benefits of vinyl sliding windows you may wish to know. This is an image of a beautiful, modern home with sliding patio doors leading to exterior decks.

Window Installation Services in Michigan: Benefits of Vinyl Sliding Windows

Opening up the windows and letting the breeze in is what it’s all about. If those windows are making you ...
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End vent slider windows are ideal for wide spaces.

Considering End Vent Slider Windows for Your Rochester Area Home? Here are Basic Facts You Should Know

If you are looking for end vent slider windows for your Rochester, Michigan area home, DeYonker Window & Door can ...
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There are some differences between double-pane windows and triple-pane windows by Andersen. This is an image of a living room with beautiful windows.

Differences Between Double-Pane Windows and Triple-Pane Windows by Andersen

As you are shopping for window installation in the Rochester, Michigan area, you may wonder what the difference is between ...
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If you need emergency window repair in the Rochester Hills area, we can help you fix broken windows.

Emergency Window Repair in the Rochester Hills Area

A violent storm, a baseball throw gone awry, or a rock thrown by a lawn mower might be all it ...
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